Christmas Sugar Cookies

I’ll add the recipe later but wanted to get this in before I forget.

We found a great recipe for rolled butter cookies in our “Best Recipe” cookbook.

George and I tried decorating with the “pipe in outline and flood with glaze” technique that makes such pretty cookies. Thankfully we tested the idea first with just a few cookies and didn’t like the way they tasted. They were way too sweet but not even a “good sweet”.

We knew we would like the taste of real buttercream better but the cookies just aren’t that pretty frosted with them.

Connor was over and wanted to decorate cookies. He looked through a small cake decorating booklet I had and saw he could pipe three leaves. George taught us how to pipe the leaves and then all they needed was a holly berry ball (cinnamon red hots would work well) added in the middle of the leaves. Connor did a great job and had some festive cookies to take back to his home.

How easy was that?

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