Sweet Potato Waffles

I make big puffy waffles out of just grated fresh sweet potatoes, beaten egg and salt. (There’s really no recipe – I just keep adding grated sweet potato to a beaten egg until it looks right and dump the mixture into a buttered hot waffle iron.) It cooks in about 2 minutes and looks great when you lift the lid. But as you try to dig it out, if falls apart. The taste is a bit bland and is helped with butter and organic maple syrup. You could never sell this in a mainstream restaurant but for me, they are heavenly especially on a cold winter morning.

Carmen was here for a few days and she thought she could improve them. She did – OMG hers were real honest to God waffles. She just added a few steps and two extra ingredients.

First she squeezed all the moisture she could out of the grated sweet potatoes using a clean tea towel. She kept a good eye on the egg/sweet potato ratio making sure there wasn’t too much egg. Then she added 1/4 teaspoon arrowroot powder to help bind the ingredients.

Her next step (she has incredible attention to all the little details as she cooks) was to use grapeseed oil on the waffle iron and to really let it heat up first. She added the sweet potato mixture and then drizzled more oil on top of it before closing the lid. That really helped get the crispy waffle texture. She cooked keeping a close eye on everything until the steaming stopped.

If that wasn’t enough, she dusted each waffle with ground chipotle pepper after drizzling a little syrup on each one. This is a very proper grown up waffle that George and I enjoyed very much this morning! It was also gluten-free, refined sugar free and packed with nutrition. Breakfasts like these stay with me for a long time.

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