Sunday morning frittata


George came up with this having some leftover pulled pork from a pork butt he smoked. Sigh. This is so good. It may be May but it’s a cold morning that called for a fire and a heartier mid-morning brunch. The smoked pork gives the frittata a more complex flavor and a richer taste. We rarely eat bacon or sausage due to the way it’s processed so this morning’s eggs made us realize why bacon and eggs are such a classic combination.

I asked George how to make this so I could do them for him sometime. He said to slice red potatoes and par boil briefly.

He sautees chopped onion in olive oil in about a 10 inch skillet and then adds fresh greens (this morning it was kale) that are very thinly sliced. He cooks them briefly until they wilt.

Next he tosses in the chopped pork to warm it up. (I’m sorry I don’t have amounts. If you know George, he goes by the way things look and feel to him.) Remove this mixture to a bowl and reheat the pan adding a bit more olive oil. Add the drained potato slices in a single layer. While the potatoes brown, beat 8 eggs, add Mrs. Dash seasoning and a little chiptole pepper. Once the potatoes are golden brown on both sides, spoon the he onion mixture on top. Pour the egg mixture over all. Season with salt and pepper. Put in a 350 oven for 13-14 minutes.

He tossed a few slices of vegan cheese on my half. What? Vegan cheese on a dish that contains meat? It makes no sense but I’m allergic to dairy. We bought the cheese to try it out and now we’re trying to use it up. It’s actually pretty good considering it’s “fake” cheese. It melts, gets gooey and has a pretty good flavor.

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