Another birthday cake …

Ivey asked Paul what kind of cake he would like for his birthday and he linked her to this one.

Ivey did a shrimp boil for Paul today.  Being the enterprising woman she happens to be, she forwarded the link to me and watched me have at it.

It was a success actually and not hard to do at all.  It had lots of steps but each one was easy.  The actual cake recipe called for sour cream but the instructions never mentioned using it.  I did add it to the cake batter and it turned out fine.

George put the actual layers together at Paul & Ivey’s house.  When the recipe says to let it freeze solid for 4 hours before serving, it means it.  We only let it freeze an hour and the ice cream melted very quickly after serving.  It tasted good though and the cake went over well.

Almost as well as Ivey’s shrimp boil <wink>.

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