Cowboy Toast

From Carmen …

As a kid I never knew how Mom got a perfect circle to appear in the middle of my toast.  I truly thought it was magic.  I make “Cowboy Toast” regularly and out of tradition, I never let anyone see me cut the perfect whole with a wine glass.

Other names I’ve heard for this recipe:
– Eggs in a Basket
– Toad in the Hole
– Frog in the Hole
– Hole in one
And I’m sure lots of mommies and grannies named it lots of different things!
Here’s how I make mine:
Butter both sides of sliced bread with softened butter.  The entire slice must be coated with soften butter.  It tastes better that way.  If you are a lazy sloppy cook who doesn’t put love in their food, you can also just put a pat of butter in a skillet and slap the dry tasteless sliced bread on top of it.
After bread has been buttered, use a biscuit cutter or a wine glass with about a 1.5″ opening to cut the center out of the bread.  It tastes best if you use a wine glass.
Place the bread frame and the center in a skillet or on a griddle.  I like my griddle because I can make 6 or 8 of these at one time.
Place a little bit more butter in the center of the bread frame and crack an egg into it.
Flip when the egg has completely set, just as you would a fried egg.
Cook as desired; sunny side up, over easy, over medium.  Don’t cook over well.  That’s just wrong.
Place the center on top of the egg when finished.  The cowboy needs its hat.
Make it a beach brunch and serve with strawberries, citrus fruit and champagne.
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