A Barbie doll cake

When we were children, mom made doll cakes for my sisters and I on our birthdays. To me, it was sheer magic to watch her pipe buttercream icing and to see the doll’s dress appear as she worked (I felt the same way when she sewed little dresses for us).

Doll cake I found this updated Barbie cake on Sweet World of Cakes and wondered if I could do it. It turns out that the huge rosettes are easily made and the cake does turn out nicely.

I made it for Rowan last May and am making it for Warner’s 3rd birthday on Friday. I’m using the yellow cake recipe from “The Best Recipe” and the trial run I just did turned out well. I’ll need 4 layers – 1 8″, 2 6″ and 1 4″. Anyway, the cake turned out well enough that I knew I needed to document it this time.

Update: The trial run of the cake turned out very well. I have two layers in the freezer.
The fondant recipe is here by Zoe author of the famous 5 minute Artisan bread books. I’ve used this several times and it works great. It doesn’t have shortening and that was a big deal to me. A small rectangle of fondant shapes the bodice.

I make buttercream using all butter (no shortening) and this cute tutorial from YouTube for piping the roses.

Finally I buy pre-made fondant flowers to sprinkle on the dress. I really need to learn how to make my own flowers from icing that could dry overnight and then be used to accent the skirt.

Now if only I could magically bake Legos …

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