Some talented friends on the Dave Ramsey boards offered some suggestions:

  • Mr. Clean erasers may help
  • possible Formica repair
  • propping a plate or tray in front of the spot

Here are a few first attempts (I’ll have to pick up Mr. Clean erasers tomorrow):ImageImage

It looks like I’ll be scrubbing gunk off the cook top for days.  I have a steam cleaner I’ll break out tomorrow and see if that helps (it’s been amazing on everything else I’ve tried).

I thought the light above the cook top was toast too.  When George got home, he told me he hit a switch to cut the power to it until he was sure everything was cool to the touch.

Did I mention I’m in the dog house?

Mr. Clean magic erasers didn’t touch the scorched Formica. 😦 It was worth a try though.

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