Football food

I keep meaning to come up with the ultimate list of football food. In that spirit, I’m starting a list and will add to it as I discover the things George loves for game day.

  • beer (PBR, handcrafted beer from Costco, any Sam Adams seasonal pack, Shipyard Pumpkin head, Fosters, or really just about any beer (mom has never allowed Budweiser in the house since that infamous Superbowl commercial with the monkey)
  • loaded potato skins
  • Crab chips (potato chips seasoned with Old Bay seasoning)
  • Platter of cubed deli meat (salami, ham, etc.) and cheese
  • little BBQ sandwiches
  • sugar cookie, pound cake, or shortbread cookies (something vanilla and slightly sweet

I also need to start a list for tailgating. Maybe if I had a great list, we’d actually tailgate – ha ha!

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